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A full-blown behind the scenes. First, I’ll tell you; this was not the photo we had planned but for sure it is the photo that best represents me, a very spontaneous photo that captures all my essence and everything I want PAPAYA to represent. A photo that shows me, in my most authentic self and what I always want to transmit to my clients, that you can be happy being yourself.

But let me introduce myself. I’m Carol, and I’m really happy to have you here.

PAPAYA is my lifestyle. PAPAYA is learning that being different is something good. It’s curiosity, authenticity, happiness, the eternal search for that “something more,” it’s being perfectly imperfect. But above all, it’s an attitude and loving ourselves first.

Some fun facts that might interest you:

– I grew up and was raised on a type of magic called “cultural mix.” Colombian mom, Spanish dad, and Anglo-Saxon influences.

– Traveling runs through my veins. That is where I got inspiration for my most crazy outfits portrayed in my family photo albums, you can definitely tell as if I thought I were “Carrie Bradshaw” herself.

– Something you surely don’t know is that “The Three Kings” day (a BIG tradition in Spain) is my favorite day of the whole year. I have always felt a true passion for anything fashion-related. That’s why to prepare for this special holiday, from a very young age, without even realizing I was the royal page of my entire family. I was in charge of creating all the shopping routes, making the timings to make sure we would get to all the stores, finding out what every person truly wanted, wrapping the gifts, and OMG, you can not imagine how happy all of that made me. And after so many years, funnily and without even planning it, a large part of my job today is doing exactly the same thing, with the only difference that this time my family is YOU.

– Behind PAPAYA, you will find me, al pie del cañon, but I would not be here if it weren’t for Gon (my right hand, my left hand, and the mastermind behind a great majority of what you guys see), and the rest of all the team that backs me up. I recently learned that asking for help is not a bad thing, that each person has their own gift, and that for something to shine bright, you need people who know. what is going on, that can help you, believe in you, and support you. And that’s the reason why I am here, to help you shine as bright as possible.   

Papaya means that in a world as hectic as the one we live in, you can find that moment of connection with yourself, knowing everything the world has to offer, always from your own essence.